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Common Questions

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How Long Do Neurofeedback Sessions Take?

Each session usually lasts 30-45 minutes.

How Many Neurofeedback Sessions Are Needed?

The number of sessions needed will depend on the individual. Much like going to the gym, every person requires a different length of time to improve. 10 – 20 sessions is normal for many conditions to improve.

How Long Will The Effects Of Neurofeedback Last?

Long term follow ups have been done on many patients over the years. Dr. Joel Lubar at the University of Tennessee has followed ADD clients who’ve sustained their improvements from neurofeedback for 10-20 years. Published research on epilepsy 12 months after brain training shows the effects on epilepsy usually holds. 

Can I Use Neurofeedback While On Medication

Yes you can start neurofeedback while on your medications. As you progress your physician might suggest that you slowly reduce or eliminate certain medications related to the condition that you are addressing with neurofeedback. Since every patient is unique, the decision to reduce medication will be up to your physician. More research is needed on this, but a common theory is that the same dosage seems to have a stronger effect on a more efficient brain.

Can Neurofeedback Cause Negative Effects?

IASIS Microcurrent Neurofeedback does not directly cause negative side affects. However, sometimes refractory emotions can come up as your brain starts to learn how to regulate itself and to integrate emotions and memory into the present, rather than maintaining the emotional ties and physiological responses to past memories.  

How Much Research Is There On Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback has been around for decades. To date there are thousands of studies, with more being published every day. This site has a comprehensive list of studies on neurofeedback for many conditions. You can view them here.

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