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Autonomic Balancing

The autonomic nervous system explained

There are two parts of the nervous system that run the automatic functions in our body. The system is called the autonomic nervous system but it has two main divisions- the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous systems.

They both can be  regarded as emergency response systems. Let’s talk about the sympathetic nervous system. It is known as the fight or flight emergency response department! When we need to be up and around, using our muscles and doing our daily activities this system is more active. When we are facing a dire emergency, this system ramps everything up including heart rate, blood pressure, adrenaline levels and everything that would be needed to run away from or towards something! Interestingly enough, anxiety is one aspect of this emergency response system because you have to be anxious in order to get out of danger!

The other part, which is the opposite of the fight or flight, is called the parasympathetic nervous system and it becomes active when we need to digest food, rest, relax, activate the immune system, heal and sleep.

An important aspect to these two systems is that they cannot be 100% active at the same time! It can be stated that their relationship is similar to that of being on a teeter totter. If one becomes active, the other one gets inhibited by the increase in the activity of the first one.


Human Nervous system

How Clear Mind Idaho Can Help

Sometimes, the fight or flight can be stuck in the activated state and all of the things associated with it never return back to a neutral, non symptomatic state. If this is happening, the parasympathetic nervous system gets inhibited and therefore we will not be able to digest food well, our immune system will be inhibited from doing its job, we can’t relax, we have a busy mind and we don’t sleep well. This causes all kinds of dysregulation in the brain and many people who have brain issues can look back to some kind of trauma, be it emotional trauma, head trauma or some kind of chemical exposure as the beginning of their issues with the brain!

Our focus at clear mind Idaho is to return these two systems back to their normal balance! Once this happens symptoms disappear!