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For over 40 years the accepted treatment for brain-based issues has been the use of medications. However the disadvantages to medicating the brain are becoming more widely known. Side effects are common, and stopping the medication often results in a return of the symptoms. Patients are becoming increasingly frustrated with high cost medications that do not offer a long term resolution to their symptoms. There are other ways to change the brain that are non-invasive and more natural. It’s no secret that the food you eat and exercise are all critical to brain function. But this is often not enough to alleviate more serious conditions.

Introducing Neurofeedback

What if you could eliminate or reduce chronic brain-based conditions by “untraining” the brain that is stuck in a faulty pattern? It may sound too good to be true, but with the rise of computer technology, combined with decades of research in understanding brainwaves and how they affect your health, it is now possible to “fix” brainwaves and affect the way the body functions.

Head trauma, emotional trauma and chemical exposure all cause the body to respond to these emergencies and this part of the brain starts towards being “stuck” in the elevated or “on” position. Unfortunately, this causes things like increased heart rate, increased adrenaline, increased stress, rapid breathing, etc. Hey, it’s appropriate to feel anxious when you are running from a tiger! But not when you are sitting trying to relax! This is not normal! When it gets bad, it’s called “Sympathetic Freeze” and the part of the nervous system that is the opposite of the “Fight or Flight” cannot work well. That part is for resting, digesting, healing, sleeping, feeling good and relaxing. When you are stuck in sympathetic freeze, you cannot do any of those very well! 

This starts the brain into a downward spiral with many health issues to follow. If your digestive tract cannot work well, that means those organs can’t work well. Your adrenal glands try to compensate but then get fatigued! You have leaky gut. You cannot fight chronic infections because the immune system is inhibited when you are in “fight or flight!”

The older style of neurofeedback, called Operant Conditioning neurofeedback, has a long history of helping people get better by “training” the brain. Microcurrent neurofeedback came along and was a giant leap forward in this arena because it “un-trains” the brain from the faulty pattern in which it is stuck! This takes far fewer sessions than the older neurofeedback and gets more to the cause of the dysregulation rather than training the effects of the dysregulation. 

Research has shown people of all ages may see dramatic improvement in Focus issues, learning issues, mood, stress, addiction, cognitive decline and much more. Results like these have become too common to ignore. Neurofeedback is not an instant process. It takes time for the brain to change and learn. Most people need between 10-20 sessions to see great results. Often, once clients are functioning better and have fewer symptoms, they can reduce or eliminate their reliance on medication. Microcurrent neurofeedback has been proven to change the brain – to change timing in the brain. It’s published in scientific literature. It’s used by thousands of licensed health professionals around the world. It could be the most important new tool available for mental and neurological health.

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